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Auto Sign In Scanner

Easily check your members' status as they arrive using the Essential Club manager scanner app for Android and iPhone.
No need for key fobs, membership cards or expensive scanning equipment and software.
Each member receives a membership QR code via e-mail. This can be scanned straight from their smart phone screen.
Records attendance for your classes. Will search your timetable to log attendance for the correct class.
Audio and visual feedback from the app lets you know if attendance has been saved and if fees are outstanding.
No more lost fobs or re-issuing membership cards, dealing with deposits for tags, etc.
Generates alerts on your account if fees are overdue.
The member can also receive an e-mail regarding their overdue fees.
Low inital expense, all you need is a smart phone with camera.


Mobile Class Booking System

If you have classes with limited capacity then Essential Club manager can help.
Simply enable booking and define the class shedule for the discipline.
The members who attend are sent an e-mail with their own personal booking link.
You get updated on bookings and cancellations by e-mail.
You can view your upcoming class shedule and bookings easily too.
Get paid in advance using .
Stop losing money on cancellations and unused equipment.

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Manual Class Sign-In


Using a mobile phone or tablet as a sign-in device for your classes couldn't be easier.
Greet your members with this easy to use sign-in interface.
A few clicks are all that's needed.
Classes and Members you define for your club are displayed.
Records member attendance.
Generates alerts on your Main Menu if a member has outstanding fees.
Double sign-in detection.


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