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The user interface for Essential Club Manager has been carefully designed for easy of use and clean, simple presentation of the data you need.


Record your Members' Details
Store essential information and payment details.
Assign a custom membership package.
Send a member their mobile booking link.
You can hide a member from all menus.
If they return at a later date simply unhide them.
No need to re-enter details.


Define Your Own Membership Plans
Simply give the plan a name, cost and payment frequency.
Select the disciplines covered in the plan.
Select which days of the week the plan should be valid for.
Assign one or many members to a custom plan.


Record Monthly Payments
Quickly see who's due to pay and when.
Simply check the 'Paid?' box to indicate a payment received.
Payments calculated each month, 28 days or according to custom membership plan.
Simply hover the mouse over a member to get their contact details.
Sell class bundles. Automatically deducted when the member signs in for class.





Class Graphs
See how your classes are doing at a glance.
Identify periods where more marketing may be needed.
Total hours trained per month for all members shown.


Alerts for what's important


Alerts are shown when a member signs in for class and they have overdue fees.


You can chose to send an automatic fee reminder mail to the member.


Martial Arts Gradings


Keep track of each member's grade or belt.


Get a summary of how many classes, hours or distinct days trained since their last grading.

See at a glance who has reached the criteria for their next grade.
Grading is still at your discretion and allows for carrying forward hours/days/sessions to the next grade.


Multi-Class Passes
A member can pay for several classes up front.
You control the number of classes and the expiry.
Sale of class passes recorded in your Income Summary.

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