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Essential Club Manager is the solution to manage your fitness or martial arts club memberships and class bookings.


Save hours on paperwork every week.
Define your classes, membership packages and prices.
Add your members and their payment plan/frequency.
Track member attendance and progression.
For martial arts classes you can easily track member progress to their next grade/belt.
Members can book a class using their mobile device and pay in advance with .
Booking cancellation and notification lists for free spaces becoming availalbe.
Allow your members to easily sign-in for classes via a wall mounted mobile device.
Hosting an event/seminar? Accept bookings online and get paid in advance with .
You will get alerts on your Main Menu to let you know if a member is behind on their fees.
Record all your income including miscellaneous payments. Get an income summary for the month, year to date, etc.
Essential Club Manager can be customised to match the theme of your club, logo, font, etc.


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